The Naace Conference 2011

If you are keen on lurking (virtually) during Educational Conferences then you might find that Twitter lights up from tomorrow!

The 2011 Naace Conference is taking place in Reading (UK) starting on Tuesday 15th March and runs until Thursday 17th March.   This year’s theme is ‘Brave New World: Changing Times in Education’. You can find out more HERE.

The days are long with a TeachMeet taking place on the Tuesday evening, meaning that the Twitter stream will continue long into the evening (program here to see what you are missing!).

If you are keen to follow the Twitter stream, which will include people blogging on Keynote presentations, break-out sessions, debates as well as the TeachMeet, then search Twitter for #naace or #naace2011 or #naace11.

Many of the people we regularly mention and list on this blog will be attending so hopefully it will be well worth following if you can’t make it in person!

Conferences for January 2011

There are a number of conferences in the next month.  Many of these have already suggested Twitter hash-tags for people to tweet with.  The value of a hash-tag is that it is a short piece of text starting with a hash (#) which is used so that it can easily be identified within the tweet and also so that it can be used as a search term within twitter so that you can quickly find all of the tweets containing the hash-tag.  This makes it very easy to follow a conference or event through other people’s thoughts but unfortunately popular (or trending) topics often get spammed because of this so be prepared for some off topic messages!

Some hash-tags to follow in January:

#lwf for Learning Without Frontiers – London (9-11 Jan)

#TMLWF11 for TeachMeet Learning without Frontiers – London (9 Jan)

#bett2011 for BETT 2011 – London (12-15 Jan)

#TEDxOrenda for the evening TEDx Orenda organised at BETT (12 Jan)

#TMBETT2011 for the evening TeachMeet BETT event (14 Jan)

Many of these hash-tags are already well in use ahead of the event and will be used well beyond the event when people are reflecting back too!


I need all the friends I can get…

An interesting and thought-provoking blog posting on esafety and friendship groups etc from Simon Finch at which asks isn’t a friend someone you trust and you would go out of the way for?  So can you really have HUNDREDS of friends? And where it is easy to ‘friend’ people, unfriending or blocking people can be seen as bullying… Simon then goes on to talk about digital friendships and the language of digital friendships!

(On a personal note, I’ve just been trying to work through my digital relationship with Simon!  I met Simon briefly when attending a conference at James Clay’s introduction to using Twitter at HHL09 (I think), we exchanged Twitter IDs as part of the ice-breaking, and I’ve followed him ever since!)

Twitter – it’s all about the coffee…

Still unconvinced about the role of Twitter in your life?  Still not sure that tweets are for you?

It took me about a year to decide that actually Twitter should have a place in my life and that epiphany happened at a learning conference where Twitter became the semi-official back-channel (people tweeting their thoughts AND contributions throughout the conference).  Since then I have added to and often pruned back the people I follow.  I seldom actually tweet these days (being more of a Twitter leach really) but I do get all the breaking news from the people I follow – often faster than reading the BBC website! I also get heaps of excellent software and website suggestions from educators I only know through their tweets but who I now trust.

Still looking to be convinced?  James Clay presented recently at Hand Held Learning and one of his sessions covered just this (in fact I stole the title of this blog entry from his session).  To see his presentation and a little background visit his site (

James ended his presentation with these words of wisdom:

“Looking at Twitter it makes no sense, nor does joining it, but after engaging with it for a short period it starts to”

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