A very interesting filtering debate…

The blog post by Tom Barrett at http://edte.ch/blog/2010/02/07/blocked-for-me-open-for-you/ has sparked a very interesting debate within the blog comments that is well worth taking a look at – where do you stand?

Virtually Picasso…

If, like us,  you are inspired by Tom’s class who have been painting Picasso heads and sharing them on their blog HERE then check out the website which they recommend at http://www.mrpicassohead.com/.  Here you can virtually become Picasso yourself and share your own virtual creations… here’s one I made earlier!

Fish Food…

If you are looking for a fun little activity related to Oceans and Food Chains then check out ‘Fish Food’ a nice little shockwave game your children can play over the internet.  You are Furgus the red fish and you have to grow.


It’s only a bit of fun but it will reinforce your message.  Thanks to Tom Barrett for suggesting it via Twitter

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