Random Maths tip…

These are some keyboard shortcuts you should know!

On a Windows PC holding down the Alt key whilst typing 246 on number pad gives you a division symbol in ‘standard’ fonts, and ALT / on a Mac gives you the same thing ( ÷ ) Thanks to @dughall and @jamesclay for passing on these tips via Twitter!

The Four Nations Maths Challenge

The Four Nations Maths Challenge
November 8-12 2010
Pre-register your school today!

Inspired by the Six Nations rugby, schools and students in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are invited to participate in the exciting, online, Four Nations Maths Challenge.  Who will be the Top Student, Class and School in each country?

Students will have the task of answering as many correct questions as they can to make their school the National Champion.

It’s completely FREE and there are exciting prizes to be won!

Students will take part using Mathletics, an online Maths program, and can compete in two ways:
Live Mathletics: Students compete against each other in live 60 second mental Maths races.
Mathletics Course Topics: Students tackle curriculum based Maths questions and activities.

Free registration opens September 27th
Practice week  1-7 November

Why should your school take part?

  • In previous Maths challenges, schools saw an average increase of 33% in student improvement, in just one week!
  • Your students will love it!  It’s all about having fun with Maths.  The event is suitable for all ability levels.
  • It’s simple to register and participate with great prizes for top students and schools

..and it’s completely FREE!

How will it work?

  • Students take part in real-time Maths challenges using the online program Mathletics.  A live Hall of Fame will keep students and schools updated with who is in the lead!
  • All schools will be given FREE access to the award winning Mathletics website for the duration of the challenge.
  • All you need is internet access!  Students can participate at school and home.


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