Free tools for teachers…

Ollie Bray (National Adviser for Learning and Technology Futures of LTS) recently presented at Hand Held Learning 2009 on just this subject and has posted his top 8 suggestions onto his excellent website under the title ‘Free tools for teachers

tools from Ollie Bray

He shares his current top 8 with a copy of the slide show he presented at the conference.  Some excellent ideas here for both primary and secondary teachers.

Twitter – it’s all about the coffee…

Still unconvinced about the role of Twitter in your life?  Still not sure that tweets are for you?

It took me about a year to decide that actually Twitter should have a place in my life and that epiphany happened at a learning conference where Twitter became the semi-official back-channel (people tweeting their thoughts AND contributions throughout the conference).  Since then I have added to and often pruned back the people I follow.  I seldom actually tweet these days (being more of a Twitter leach really) but I do get all the breaking news from the people I follow – often faster than reading the BBC website! I also get heaps of excellent software and website suggestions from educators I only know through their tweets but who I now trust.

Still looking to be convinced?  James Clay presented recently at Hand Held Learning and one of his sessions covered just this (in fact I stole the title of this blog entry from his session).  To see his presentation and a little background visit his site (

James ended his presentation with these words of wisdom:

“Looking at Twitter it makes no sense, nor does joining it, but after engaging with it for a short period it starts to”

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