Vision Mapper from Future Lab

Vision Mapper is a free web resource to support long-term planning and decision making in education. With its wide range of group activities and inspirational materials designed to inspire broader thinking, challenge your views and create realistic, achievable action plans, Vision Mapper can help you create a long-term vision and strategy for your organisation.

Vision Mapper was created as part of the Beyond Current Horizons programme, and is designed to help examine the future of education beyond 2025. It supports the UK education system in preparing for and responding to the challenges it faces as society and technology rapidly evolve.

What skills will children need for work? How might parenting and family change? What impact will new technologies have on learning? Vision Mapper provides a wide range of activities and resources to explore these issues, centred around 6 expert future scenarios. These scenarios are based on 18 month’s work in 2008-9 by a team of 98 experts and are backed by a wealth of background research, providing a powerful planning resource for educators.

To find out more visit Future Lab at or take a look at Vision Mapper directly at

Smokescreen eSafety Resources

Looking for a esafety resource to use with older pupils?  If so check out Smokescreen Literacy resources from Channel 4 at

As the website says “Smokescreen is a cutting-edge game about life online, on a new social network called White Smoke.  Explore websites, search for clues, receive phone calls, chat on IM, and tackle puzzles and minigames. On Smokescreen, who can you trust?”

This weblink came from inspireED Issue 5 from Future Lab

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