Technology in UK schools MAY have a future…

Love him or hate him, Michael Gove seems, at last, to have been able to utter the word technology…

At The Schools Network conference on 1st December Michael Gove gave a speech in which he talked about how technology had changed the world.  He goes on to say…

… there is a perception by some that my department isn’t especially concerned about such things. That we care more about Tennyson than technology. That our interest is in Ibsen, not iTunes. That we’re more Kubla Khan than Khan Academy.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. I am absolutely committed to ensuring that our school system not only prepares pupils for this changing world, but also embraces the technological advances which are transforming education. My department is thinking hard about this and we’ll be saying more in the new year.

I guess we all have to hang on over Christmas awaiting this pronouncement!

Gove’s speech goes on to talk about how children and young people make use of technology to communicate and socialise but highlights the fact that classrooms have not kept up with these changes.   He goes on to imply that the problem was an over-investment in technology without really changing what teachers do to make the best use of it.  He mentions gaming and also assessment as well as teacher training stressing the importance of digital content.

He used many buzz words and phrases in his speech including a reference to the Khan Academy, the Raspberry Pi programming computer and 3D printers.

The speech concludes with the paragraph:

… a genuine engagement with the wondrous world of technological innovation will see children’s learning ‘liberated from the dead hand of the past.’ We owe it to pupils across the country to take this issue seriously.

The full transcript of the speech is available from the DfE website HERE


One thought on “Technology in UK schools MAY have a future…

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  1. “Yes – we’ll say something (when we work out what) in the New Year.” Don’t hold your breath.

    Too bad the government has cut resources so that schools cannot afford to maintain their investment in new technology and local authority advisory services, which have done so much to promote effective change in schools, have either disappeared altogether or are on the endangered species list.

    Keep up the good work!

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