Is it the ICT or the USE of ICT?

An interesting debate has been sparked on  the Naace newslist recently which was started by a document entitled “Toolkit of Strategies to Improve Learning” ( which is a paper which makes recommendations about how to spend the Pupil Premium and was produced by the CEM Centre of Durham University.

The debate has been rekindled into exactly what we should be focussing on to raise standards.  A lot of money was pumped into UK schools to improve standards, but the majority of that was used to purchase hardware and software.  The feeling of many people is that school standards will only be raised using ICT if staff are given high-quality training in how to harness the technology they have!  At a time when UK school’s budgets have been significantly reduced many Head Teachers are faced with the dilemma of shedding staff or significantly reducing CPD, in some cases to say NO to CPD at all!  Surely something is wrong here?



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