Kinect™, Kindles™, Know How and Learning Impact!

From Naace and Vital

Engaging Schools with 3rd Millennium Learning Development.

Meet experts and enthusiasts in your area to learn about groundbreaking impact of technology in schools.

Come along and join in an afternoon or twilight session with representatives of Vital, Naace and local schools who are reaping the benefits of inspired use of technology.

Attendance at this event will offer your school the following opportunities:

•    To receive free access to three (Vital) new subject Portals for five of your staff
•    To engage in a trial project using Kinect in your classrooms
•    To be part of a test-bed of schools using Kindles to empower learning
•    To hear about how you can be a pilot school for 3rd Millennium Learning award
•    To meet school representatives in your area that want to collaborate with you through the use of technology
•    To learn more about the free Self-review Framework; the key points to make it all work efficiently
•    To gain access to Vital’s collaboration tools
•    To have access to Vital’s Online conferencing system (inter school networking)
•    To receive Top Tips document for 10 subject areas.

Schools taking part in the programme may be selected to report on impact upon teaching and learning at the Naace Strategic Conference 2012 and Vital website.

To find out more and for details of cost etc please visit


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