Nevermind the Netbooks – Keep taking the tablets!

Is your school considering Netbooks?  If you are you may have missed the wave!  Many industry pundits are saying that Netbooks have already peaked in use and now the advancing army of tablet devices are the way ahead.  Should your school be thinking tablets?

There are a growing range of tablets…

The iPad from Apple runs on the iOS operating system and runs a massive range of apps and the internet BUT most schools are put off by the price tag!

Alternatives if you are looking to save money are Android tablets BUT, being based on an open-source operating system, tend to require more ‘tweaking’ to get them to behave, though they are often cheaper.  Toshiba (amongst many other companies) have a range of devices know as the Folio raneg.

RM have launched a tablet using Windows 7 and are just launching a second tablet with integral slide-out keyboard.

You can see a range of these if you attend the FREE Oxfordshire ICT Conference on 8th March 2011 (

For more information on the tablet future take a look at this link from the Guardian


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