Reflections on Learning Without Frontiers 2011 part 2

Some educational bloggers have been extreamly busy getting their thoughts and ideas down, this post brings you a few of these links.

Ewan McIntosh has been very busy, not only has he been posting his thoughts on Karen Cator (as posted HERE) but he has also been reflecting on a great sound bite “Stop sorting children by their date of manufacture” which is a post relecting on the experience of the newly formed Essa Academy who have provided hand-held devices to ALL students and staff.  He has also been reflecting on the session presented by Dr. William Rankin where he outlined Quite possibly the best virtual learning environment in the world.  Ewan has also been busy sharing ideas for handheld translation tools as details in his blog post Mobile As A Lens On The World: Word Lens instant translation as well as taking a look at iPad for Learning for All the Wrong Reasons.

More posts following LWF to come soon!


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