Conferences for January 2011

There are a number of conferences in the next month.  Many of these have already suggested Twitter hash-tags for people to tweet with.  The value of a hash-tag is that it is a short piece of text starting with a hash (#) which is used so that it can easily be identified within the tweet and also so that it can be used as a search term within twitter so that you can quickly find all of the tweets containing the hash-tag.  This makes it very easy to follow a conference or event through other people’s thoughts but unfortunately popular (or trending) topics often get spammed because of this so be prepared for some off topic messages!

Some hash-tags to follow in January:

#lwf for Learning Without Frontiers – London (9-11 Jan)

#TMLWF11 for TeachMeet Learning without Frontiers – London (9 Jan)

#bett2011 for BETT 2011 – London (12-15 Jan)

#TEDxOrenda for the evening TEDx Orenda organised at BETT (12 Jan)

#TMBETT2011 for the evening TeachMeet BETT event (14 Jan)

Many of these hash-tags are already well in use ahead of the event and will be used well beyond the event when people are reflecting back too!



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