Young Learner Web 2.0 Resources

Last night I was listening to Nik Peachey talking about using Web 2.0 tools with young learners. He shared lots of interesting sites, tools and ideas. Nik mentioned Simply Box – in fact he has mentioned it loads of times and I have never bothered following it up, it just has not appealed to me. However, last night Nik shared one of his boxes and I can see the value! I am still not sure that I will ever got around to using it as a tool but at least I am beginning to investigate 😉

See Nik’s “Simply Box” collection of resources for use with young learners here

The collection of video websites that are suitable for use with children and in school mentioned in the session is good, Oxon teachers – these will not be banned 🙂

Another very useful site that he mentioned was where a teacher can paste a url to create the same page without all of the advertising, I can see that being valuable to teachers wanting to use some sites which feature heavy or inappropriate advertising.

Nik shared a lovely idea for wallwisher – he has set up several videos on the theme of solar power and given pupils a question to investigate. Pupils using this page will not get distracted by other videos or sites and only look at the videos that the teacher has chosen

If you are using ipod touches in school one app that I had not seen before but really like is the Sonic Pics where pupils can take pictures, put them into slideshows with narrations. This would be wonderful for school visits!

All of the sites that Nik listed and more are in Nik’s Delicious links but a final one that I am picking out here is for the creature builder for Spore where pupils can create a creature, develop play scripts, stories, narratives, videos and more for their creature.

It was a very interesting talk, I really enjoyed hearing about the new sites and ideas! Hopefully I will be able to link to the slideshow for everyone to access soon.


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