I need all the friends I can get…

An interesting and thought-provoking blog posting on esafety and friendship groups etc from Simon Finch at http://simfin.wordpress.com/esafety/i-need-all-the-friends-i-can-get/ which asks isn’t a friend someone you trust and you would go out of the way for?  So can you really have HUNDREDS of friends? And where it is easy to ‘friend’ people, unfriending or blocking people can be seen as bullying… Simon then goes on to talk about digital friendships and the language of digital friendships!

(On a personal note, I’ve just been trying to work through my digital relationship with Simon!  I met Simon briefly when attending a conference at James Clay’s introduction to using Twitter at HHL09 (I think), we exchanged Twitter IDs as part of the ice-breaking, and I’ve followed him ever since!)


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