James Clay’s Top Ten Tools of 2009

If you are interested in taking a look at James Clay‘s Top Ten Tools of 2009 then check out his blog entry and see if you agree or find something new that you’ve missed…

Whilst we are on the subject here are a few tools I’ve found invaluable this year…

picnik – FREE online graphics editor – NO INSTALLATION needed!

WordPress – which provides this blog space for FREE – it is easy to use, flexible and developing more features all the time!

Google – I use email, documents, calendars, searching (obviously), earth (we tracked Santa) and now  the apps too! (all free)

BBC News & Weather – still got a reputation (as far as I’m concerned) for impartial and straight-forward news etc – not to mention the educational content – again all FREE

I’m sure there are many more – but these are my top 4 then!


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