Twitter – it’s all about the coffee…

Still unconvinced about the role of Twitter in your life?  Still not sure that tweets are for you?

It took me about a year to decide that actually Twitter should have a place in my life and that epiphany happened at a learning conference where Twitter became the semi-official back-channel (people tweeting their thoughts AND contributions throughout the conference).  Since then I have added to and often pruned back the people I follow.  I seldom actually tweet these days (being more of a Twitter leach really) but I do get all the breaking news from the people I follow – often faster than reading the BBC website! I also get heaps of excellent software and website suggestions from educators I only know through their tweets but who I now trust.

Still looking to be convinced?  James Clay presented recently at Hand Held Learning and one of his sessions covered just this (in fact I stole the title of this blog entry from his session).  To see his presentation and a little background visit his site (

James ended his presentation with these words of wisdom:

“Looking at Twitter it makes no sense, nor does joining it, but after engaging with it for a short period it starts to”


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